“Supplementary Information”

Camila’s Farewell Party / Passing of Qual Celebration for Jeonghoon (May 2024)

Felix Ritort’s Visit (May 2024)

Random Game Night (March 2024)

B-lab Christmas Holiday Party (December 2023)

NIH Grant Celebration at Great China (October 2023)

Post-Group Meeting Lunch at Chengdu Style (May 2023)

Omar’s Graduation (May 2023)

Christian’s Farewell Korean BBQ (March 2023)

King Farewell Party (August 2022)

Wee Farewell Lunch (March 2022)

Wee's Farewell Lunch, March 2022

Alan and Wee Farewell Party (March 2022)

Farewell Party for Wee and Alan, March 2022

Pisco Party (March 2022)

Pisco Party, March 2022

Italian Dinner (March 2022)

Italian Dinner, March 2022

Shixin’s Talk (February 2022)

Shixin Liu's Talk, February 2022

Chinese New Year Celebration (January 2022)

Chinese New Year, January 2022

Erik Farewell Party (October 2021)

Erik's Farewell Party, October 2021

Bustamante Lab Group Photo (November 2019)

01112019-DSC03367 copy

Bustamante Lab Fruit-Picking (June 2019)

WeChat Image_20190624155851

Shingo and Ronen Farewell Party (July 2018)

Annual Cold Noodle Party

IMG_3428 IMG_3431

Ribosome Brunch


Helical Pitch summer softball team 2013


Single Molecule Biophysics at UC Berkeley